Marieke’s workshop is filled with cast off leathers and degraded animal skins that she finds while roaming recycle shops, antique dealers and flea markets. She then freely draws from this myriad of materials to create colourful and sculptural design handbags.  In fact, many of Marieke’s handbags are unique designs. She never produces more than three copies of each design to ensure a POOKPOOK handbag always remains an exclusive item.

Many of Marieke’s design handbags are inspired by icons and brands from the world of commercials, cartoons and films. Another major source of inspiration are her materials suppliers (read: the animals themselves). The better tactile feel of reused leathers from farm animals and antique exotic skins has great appeal for Marieke. The cuddliness and the scents of these materials are an integral part of the story portrayed on the handbag. “Used leather is a wonderfully versatile material, in asmuch as it is just as soft and light as cream and you can mould it like clay,” says De Vree. “You see, it’s had a life of its own, which adds another dimension: you can tell if the animal has gone through rough times, been bitten by hornets or caught up in barbed wire. These marks, too, have a role to play in the eventual design process. I use haberdasheries as sparingly as possible unless they really make a difference to the finished design.” 

All of POOKPOOK's products are 100% handmade. "Hereby is the practical function of a bag in second place. It is purely about the look and the idea that you steal the show on any occasion with your unique accessory. If you have the thought of ‘oh that is a nice bag for my school books’... then my bags are not for you. The bags should be worn with love and lots of care. It is a real piece of art! 

With her clear designs and humourous twists, Marieke seamlessly fits into the tradition of ‘Dutch Design’, the English term that characterizes the modern design aesthetic so typical of Dutch handbag designers: minimalist, experimental, innovative, quirky and humorous. 

(from: editorial 'Design-A-Bag', 2016)

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